1If I purchase a duck, is my purchase tax deductible?
According to IRS guidelines, you can only deduct your donation if the value is less than the donation. In the case of Duck Derby, the waterpark ticket you receive is valued at $40.00 and this is more than twice the amount you pay ($20.00).
2Will I know what my duck number(s) are before the race? What if I lost my receipt or purchase confirmation?
No. Each duck entry will be randomly assigned a number by the computer. (ex. If you purchased four Duck Entries your name will be be assigned four random numbers before the derby on race day. If one of theses numbers win, you will be contacted to claim your corresponding prize. We will publish all four winning names and the assigned numbers on this website at the completion of the race. If you have lost, misplaced or never received a receipt or purchase confirmation because your Duck Entry was a gift, you do not need to worry. We contact the name of person assigned as the duck owner as it appears in our data base. They can confirm you were gifted the entry and are the new owner.
3Do I need to be present to win?
No. You do not need to be present to win.
4If I am not present, how will I be notified if I win?
After all of the ducks are caught, we will look up the winning numbers in the computer data base. This will tell us the name of the owner of the duck or who purchased the duck. Someone from the Duck Derby Committee will contact you and let you know that you are one of the four lucky winners. We will distribute the prizes usually 2-3 weeks after the race.
5Do I need my duck entry confirmation to attend the race?
No. You do not need to prove that you purchased a duck to watch the race.
6Is there a fee to watch the race?
No. The race is open to the public.
7What time does the race begin?
The duck derby festivities is scheduled to begin at 7pm in the waterpark.
8Do I really win a car?
Yes. You really win a car. More specifically you win a pre-paid low mileage lease of a Brand New 2018 Ford EcoSport provided by Mathews Ford Lincoln.
9What if I don’t want an EcoSport and want a truck or simply a different car?
You must take the prize vehicle offered by Mathews Ford. If you choose not to take the vehicle offered as the prize, you will receive a $1000 one time cash payout.
10What if I do not meet credit approval in my name?
Other credit approval terms will be discussed by the dealership finance staff. In the event that a cash distribution is necessary that amount would be $1,000. Obviously the car would be a much more financially advantageous choice.


All parties purchasing an entry must be 18 years of age at the time of purchase. Neither the United Way of Erie County, Inc. nor any sponsors of the race make any actual or implied warranty or guarantee either as to the fitness of the duck(s) to remain afloat the entire race, or that the duck(s) will finish (complete passage) of the entire race course. All participating parties assume the risk either that the numbered duck(s) assigned to their purchase may not be the first duck to cross the finish line or that the duck(s) may not complete passage of the entire race course. Duck Derby is a charitable event. Your fee pays for entry into the event. Free Incentives may change from time to time without notice. Any free incentives offered with purchases of Duck Derby entry are subject to availability and may have their own restrictions. You are responsible for reading and adhering to the restrictions of any incentives (e.g., blackout dates, limitations on use, expirations dates, etc.). Members and Sponsors of the Duck Derby event are not responsible for tickets lost in the mail or by the purchaser. Additionally, incentives are non-refundable, and non-exchangeable. The expiration date is non-negotiable. All sales are final. This Disclaimer acknowledges and confirms purchaser’s acceptance of the terms and provisions contained herein.


Vehicle lease subject to credit approval. Cash award of $1000 will be offered if applicant is denied credit after all approval methods have been attempted, up to and including a qualified co-signer. Under no other circumstances will cash equivalent be offered. Prizewinner must be 18 years or older and take ownership of vehicle under terms of the dealer contract.